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2023 Fellowship Grants For Biblical Research in Turkey

Two annual fellowship grants, funded by Tutku Educational Travel (Izmir, Turkey) and the Asia Minor Research Center (Antalya, Turkey), are designed to facilitate biblical research in Asia Minor. The Tutku grant of $4,000 is offered to doctoral students, while the Asia Minor Research Center grant of $6,000 is for post-doc/early career scholars.

Proposed research topics should focus on Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and/or Early Christianity within the context of Asia Minor, particularly with historical, geographical, social, and/or material dimensions. Grant recipients should plan to reside in Turkey a short time and to travel to ancient sites and libraries/museums in Turkey for research purposes. The grants include a work space at AMRC’s private library in Antalya.

Citizens and students of all countries are eligible. There are no assigned dates for the fellowships. In communication with AMRC staff, fellows can select their own dates. To be considered for 2023, completed applications and recommendations must be received by February 15, 2023.

Tutku Educational Travel Doctoral Fellowship Grant is $4,000 for 4-6 weeks in Turkey. For information and application, visit: or email

Asia Minor Research Center Post-Doc Fellowship Grant is $6,000 for 2-3 months in Turkey. For information and application, visit: or email


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