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Tutku Research Fellowship

 Tutku Educational Travel in Izmir, Turkey, is pleased to sponsor a research fellowship of $4,000 for a doctoral student to visit Turkey. The fellowship is designed to facilitate biblical research and learning about Asia Minor. The successful applicant will be able to travel to ancient sites in Turkey for research purposes. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a doctoral program in an accredited university in any country. The doctoral thesis/ dissertation should be focused on an Old or New Testament topic situated within the context of Asia Minor, particularly with historical, geographical, social, and material dimensions. A topic focused also on early church history in Asia Minor is also eligible. There are no assigned dates for the fellowship, so fellows can select their own dates. Normally the fellowship will be completed over 4 to 6 weeks during the summer.

The deadline for annual grants is February 1.

Learn more information here.

Complete the online application here.

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